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Straightline® 4th Generation On Grade Transmitter Housings

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StraightLine's 4th Generation drill head assembly is manufactured from 4145HT material and is available in 2.5", 2.75", 3.25" and 3.75" OD to match your drill and drilling requirements and accepts 2-cell DCI, Spot-D-Tek® and Radiodetection transmitters. The patented centerline cutting design of the 4th Generation drill head delivers the following benefits: 1) reduces the torque required to obtain efficient cutting, 2) efficient cutting improves the performance of all machines large or small, 3) center line cut design travels straight and improves on grade bores, 4) unlike a duck bill design the 4th Generation assembly doesn't loose its steer when drilling out of a steer, 5) allows the operator to engage and cut an entrance hole in a manhole or basement wall. In summary, the 4th Generation drill head will travel straighter and drill faster while placing less stress on the drill and drill pipe.

  • Precision machined from 4145HT material
  • Replaceable tail piece
  • Through hardened nose piece is available with a variety of nozzle sizes. The nose piece is 1/8" larger than the housing body which significantly reduces the wear on the housing.
  • Longest slots in the industry
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