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Cyclone Reamers

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Our cyclone reamer is the undisputed champion in sticky clay. It's success is found in the combination of independent wing groups; steep wing angles; soil shear passages in all wing segments 10" and larger; carbide teeth and hardsurfacing on the wing edges and (replaceable) fluid ports located along the perimeter of the wings. When combined, these features minimize bit balling, maximize soil shearing, and facilitate the mixing of soils with drilling fluids. The result is a tool with extremely low torque requirements that works effortlessly in sands, loams and sticky clays.

Shaft size: 2 1/2" – 6 5/8" 
Size range: 8" – 24"

Prices shown are for pin, box or tang rear connection. To configure your reamer today, contact us or request a custom configuration quote.


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