Vermeer® Compatible Transmitter Housings

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Product Details

These OEM housings are available in 2.7″, 3.0″ AND 3.625″ OD to match your drill and drilling conditions. These versatile housings are manufactured from 4145HT, utilize the Vermeer® OEM bit bolt patterns (see table below) and accept 2-cell DCI, Spot-D-Tek® and Radiodetection transmitters. StraightLine’s unique 3-piece design; housing, nose piece and tail piece will deliver longer service life than the OEM and other aftermarket housings.

  • Precision machined from 4145HT material
  • Replaceable housing saver
  • Through hardened nose piece is available with a variety of nozzle sizes. The nose piece is 1/8″ larger than the housing body which significantly reduces the wear on the housing.
  • Accepts Vermeer® compatible bits (bolt pattern varies by housing size)
  • Each transmitter housing will require a housing saver in order to run a starter rod

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Product Types

2-3/4", Small Bolt Pattern (Requires Nose Piece of choice) 2" IF BOX – $639.00, 3", Small Bolt Pattern (2.375 Box) – $729.00, 3 1/4", Small Bolt Pattern (2.375 API REG) – $999.00, 3-5/8", Large Bolt Pattern (Requires Nose Piece of choice) – $1,059.00, 4-1/8", Large Bolt Pattern, 2-7/8 IF BOX, 2-Cell – $2,495.00, 4-1/8", Large Bolt Pattern, 2-7/8 IF BOX, 4-Cell – $2,995.00


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