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60 Ton Swivel

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StraightLine® swivels, first introduced to the HDD market in 1991, have established an unequalled standard for reliable performance and longevity.

In the process of developing industry specific swivels, StraightLine® engineers led the way in the development of bearing and sealing systems that have proved to thrive in harsh underground environments. Over the years it has become evident that our original designs have stood the test of time and continue to deliver rugged reliability. So how do you deliver rugged reliability? 1) start with “angular contact” bearings, which are designed to handle both thrust AND radial loads, 2) the appropriate size and quantity of “angular contact” bearings are then assembled in a stack that provides safe performance at the rated load, 3) within the bearing stack each swivel must have two bearings that are positioned in the thrust (pushback) direction in the event that the product needs to be pushed backwards and finally 4) the sealing system must consist of 1 shaft seal and 2 lip seals with steel reinforcing rings to prevent soil and drilling fluid intrusion.

Quality, rugged-reliability and our commitment to continue to exceed industry standards - that says it all about StraightLine’s complete line of swivels.

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