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XL-I Series Hole Opener

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A robust HDD hole-opener, the XT-I Series provides a cost-effective answer to the inconsistent performance of “split-bit” hole openers. Designed from the ground up for horizontal directional drilling, the XT-I Series tool features proprietary cone design with the versatility of TCI or Mill Tooth cones to choose from. Every element of the cone design, from size and geometry to placement, are optimized to work together give you a better tool for tough rock bores.

Consistency and performance. Proprietary cones cut independent paths and are precision placed on the tool’s base plate to insure consistency in performance, every bore. Platform consistency also means you will continue to see results—even after the tool is re-built.

More drilled feet. Cone diameter and carbide placement are designed to protect the cone’s vulnerable outside wear areas (the shirt tail). A proprietary sealed cone bearing system mitigates fluid intrusion, insuring a long tool life.

Smooth in the hole. Designed specifically for horizontal directional drilling, the sealed bearing system works together with independent path cutters to deliver silky smooth in-hole operation. Computer designed and field-tested, the cone to mandrel geometry dramatically reduces torque and fuel consumption.


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